Hand Quilting

I am an old-fashioned hand quilter and here is my method.

I use quilt “stands” and “sticks”. The stands were built by my father years ago and this is what they look like. The stands support the sticks.


The quilt sticks have fabric attached along the edge. I pin the backing fabric (some people hand baste) to the sticks and lay the batt on top. I pin the quilt top through the batt and into the backing fabric.

Here is my Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilting project.


I normally hand baste along the edge of the quilt top after I have the top pinned in. The hand basting will keep pleats from forming when I sew the binding on.

I didn’t use that method with this top. If you look closely, you  can see that I basted in several inches from the edge. When I appliqued the flower garden onto the border fabric, I wasn’t sure how wide I was going to make the border. Once I had appliqued the top to the border, I could determine the width of my border and marked it. That is why my basting is several inches from the edge. That is where I will sew my binding.

I use clamps to hold the sticks together. I like to put the clamps upside down so the handle isn’t sticking up to get in the way and to catch my thread.

The one side has been “rolled” many times. I just started quilting on the opposite side Friday and have “rolled” twice when I took this picture.

I very “lightly mark” my quilt tops with a silver pencil. “Lightly mark” is very important! The pencil marks won’t show after being quilted unless you look very closely.

I didn’t mark the hexagon blocks. I’m just eyeing the quarter inch quilting mark and doing the best I can.

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