Winter’s Last Blast?

Here are photos of  the trees with the snow we received overnight.

This is the old maple on the west side of the driveway. . .


the trees on the west side of the heifer pasture. . .


and the burning bush on the corner of our house.


Looking straight south from our porch toward Grandpa Weaver’s house.


The temperature later this week is supposed to be 45* and then it the snow will disappear, except for the drifts.

5 thoughts on “Winter’s Last Blast?

  1. These are gorgeous! I had a photo of the lane covered in snow that got me an A+ in my college photography class. So mystical looking.

  2. neat pictures-makes me homesick at times when I see pictures of my childhood home. thanks for sharing. (It was 82 degrees here monday!)

  3. Just had to leave a comment on those 3 majestic trees, WOWWW what a incredible photo. You may be use to them but to me seeing them for the first time this is an awesome eye-catching photo. I have put it on my face screen for a while to keep looking at it. Cheers Glenda

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