Look at This!

My sister-in-law has an aloe vera plant that she received from my mother. Several years ago, I noticed that her plant was BLOOMING!!!! I didn’t know they bloomed. She told me that it had also bloomed the year before! She gave me a rooting from her plant and I have been watching it closely ever since.

I always set my houseplants outside in the spring. I intended to repot my aloe vera when I put it outside last spring, but I didn’t get it done. I planned to repot it last fall before I brought it in for the winter, but I didn’t get it done.

It has spent this winter in the too small pot and I need to dig out the little plants started from the root.

IMG_3962Maybe neglect is what it takes because look at this!!!

IMG_3963Yes, that is a flower bud. I have no idea how long it will take to open. I will keep you updated.


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