Dear Jane Retreat, part 2

I forgot about this little top. I participated in a 3″ finished block exchange at both Dear Jane retreats in 2013. There were 6 participants. We each made 6 sets of 6 blocks for a total of 36 blocks for each retreat. I decided on a simple setting of cornerstones and sashing.

IMG_3979The outside border fabric came from A Little Bit of Lolly’s during my shopping trip.

I have sewn the borders on this top since I have been home.

IMG_3995A close up of the center block.

IMG_3996This quilt was designed by my friends Edith Shanholt & Janice Nelson. They were traveling north in Michigan on US 37. While driving, they discussed the creation of this design and decided to call the quilt 37 North.

This top is not completely finished. The blocks that look like half-square/triangles are actually dimensional. A square of background fabric was folded in half diagonally, then basted onto the colored block. Now I need to turn that diagonal edge back and sew it down. The result will be a cathedral window look but I don’t know if I will complete the quilt that way or not. I think it looks very pretty just as it is and will need to think about it awhile.

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