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Aloe Vera Update

The stem of the flower bud on the aloe vera plant is growing taller and the bud is becoming larger. I have no idea how long before it blooms.


The 3rd Block of the Month Project

I’m participating in a third Block of the Month through the Pumpkinvine Quilt Shop in Middlebury. This project will end in June because we are sewing 2 blocks a month. Here are the blocks sewn so far.

IMG_3965I’m sorry they look blurry and the fabric doesn’t have blotches of yellow either.

All of the blocks have a star center. The color combination is different from what I normally use. I’m getting out of my comfort zone!

Springtime Clean Up

I like to put the mulch on my flower beds before the perennials pop up. Some years I have to really hurry to get them mulched before the plants appear. This year I haven’t had that problem. I’m almost done mulching. Now I need to start pruning.

Apparently the rabbits’ winter home was under our LP gas tank. We had so much snow the only food they could find were the burning bushes.

IMG_3968IMG_3967I don’t know if this guy will make it.

Look at This!

My sister-in-law has an aloe vera plant that she received from my mother. Several years ago, I noticed that her plant was BLOOMING!!!! I didn’t know they bloomed. She told me that it had also bloomed the year before!¬†She gave me a rooting from her plant and I have been watching it closely ever since.

I always set my houseplants outside in the spring. I intended to repot my aloe vera when I put it outside last spring, but I didn’t get it done. I planned to repot it last fall before I brought it in for the winter, but I didn’t get it done.

It has spent this winter in the too small pot and I need to dig out the little plants started from the root.

IMG_3962Maybe neglect is what it takes because look at this!!!

IMG_3963Yes, that is a flower bud. I have no idea how long it will take to open. I will keep you updated.

The Last Blooms of the Amaryllis

My Amaryllis have bloomed every day this month! It is so nice to see some color. The bud I showed last week turned out to be a beautiful red. Both of the flower stalks are blooming at the same time.

IMG_3960This salmon colored Amaryllis is blooming for the second time.

IMG_3961When it is warm enough, I’ll plant them outside in a flowerbed until fall. Last summer the white Amaryllis did flower! That has never happened before. We’ll see what she does this summer.