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Perkiomen Mountain Quilt Top Sewn

I’ve finished sewing the Perkiomen Mountain quilt top together. This project was made with split 9-patche blocks and was Bonnie Hunter’s 2013 Leader’s & Ender’s Challenge. To view the pattern click here.┬áThis is a picture of the quilt top.

IMG_4052This is a very scrappy quilt. There is fabric from the 80’s and 90’s (mom’s stash!), civil war, asian, batiks, fossil fern, border prints, Kona cloth, Kaffe Fassett, ugly fabric and pretty fabric, even some fabric leftover from some shirts my daughter made! I will be mailing this top to Kansas in a couple of week. She will be quilted and then sold in the Kansas Mennonite Relief sale.

Spring Flowers; Some Wild, Some Tame

Dutchman’s Breeches



I think these are called Jack in the Pulpit, but I don’t know for sure.

IMG_4035And some creeping myrtle.

IMG_4033These are the “tame flowers”. I bought some violas and planted some in a planter. I see them every time I come in the house.

IMG_4031I’m not a flower expert, I just enjoy looking at them and I think they are pretty.

Garden Progress

The early garden vegetables are planted; now they just need to grow! The peas have popped up through the soil line and the pea fence will go up next week. The garlic needs to be weeded and another layer of mulch added. The onions aren’t big enough to mulch and the potatoes are waiting for warmer weather before they emerge. The broccoli is holding its own and has grown some since I planted it last week.

The first picture is of the garlic; such an easy crop to grow!


This is looking west from the center of the garden.



IMG_4046That is alfalfa at the top of the picture. When it is tall enough, we will make hay to feed the cattle. Here is a close up of the alfalfa.

IMG_4048The garden and alfalfa field are beside the field the farmer is plowing.

The Plowing Begins

The farmer began the spring field work today. This is a 5 bottom plow being pulled by a John Deere 4240 tractor.

IMG_4043IMG_4044We rotate the crops on our farm, and this year the rotation calls for corn to be planted in this field.

The heifers like to watch.