The Garden in June

The garden is growing since the weather finally turned warm. The garlic is getting tall and the onions are finally big enough to  mulch. The peas are starting to bloom.

IMG_4174The broccoli plants haven’t grown as much as I would like but I have been able to harvest some early broccoli to eat. The potatoes have had more soil hoed on top of them.

IMG_4175 I’ve dusted the green beans because the flea beetles were attacking them. I also dusted the broccoli  just in case the cabbage loopers arrive. On the left side of the photo is a row of herbs, parsley, marjoram and 3 types of basil. I had planted several close rows of carrots in between the green beans and herbs, but it was old seed and they came up so thinly that I just decided to till them under. I don’t know what I’ll plant there yet, maybe some later green beans.

IMG_4176On the east side of the garden are 4 tomato plants. They were originally about 12″ tall, but I plant them deep with only about 4″ – 5″ above ground. I try to always mulch them and put up the cages right away. The fence posts hold the cages upright, otherwise they fall over when the plants get heavy. In between the tomatoes are cilantro plants. On the left side of the tomato cages is a row of cosmos. Some of the row was planted with cosmos seeds and part was planted with volunteer cosmos from last years plants. Beside the volunteer are some very droopy looking  borage plants.

IMG_4177Earlier this spring I showed you a picture of the farmer plowing ground for corn. That was this field beside the garden so you will get to watch the field corn grow too.


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