The Feed Truck

Here comes the feed truck.

IMG_4179He deliveries 3 tons of cow feed approximately every ten days. He pulls up beside the feed room and moves the auger over the feed door in the roof.

IMG_4180When the door is opened and the auger positioned correctly, he starts to unload the feed.

IMG_4181The feed consists of ground corn, oats, protein pellets, minerals and molasses.  I shovel the feed into the feed cart and feed the grain to the cows.

IMG_4211This is Sheba the cat. She enjoys riding on the feed cart.

I walk in on the right side of the cows and place their feed in the manger.

One thought on “The Feed Truck

  1. Wow Gretchen, This little city mouse is sure learning a lot about country life from your posts! You are one busy lady.

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