The Flowers

The flowers are starting to bloom and there is so much color. Here is columbine, this year she has short stems.

IMG_4153The yellow iris . . .

IMG_4151And the lavender.

IMG_4156The Impatiens are starting to spread in their flower beds and the hostas are growing.

IMG_4149The violas just keep on smiling in their pots.

IMG_4148These little white flowers are blooming in the shade of the big oak tree.


And of course it wouldn’t be spring without the peonies.



Wireman was made in art class by son #2 and has been standing vigil in this flowerbed since May 1999.


2 thoughts on “The Flowers

  1. Do you know what the little white flowers in the shade of the oak tree might be? I have some of those as well, growing in a shady corner.

    All of these look great as usual!

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