July Garden

June was a very rainy month and it was hard to keep the garden weeded. It’s not weedless, but it looks a lot better than it did.

IMG_4278These are field radishes planted by the corn to suppress the weeds. The soil seems to be compacted in this spot and the tiller jumps around when I try to till here. The radish roots are supposed to go deep and loosen up the soil.

IMG_4279The potatoes look good, the rain washed most of the potato bugs off the leaves. There are a few on the plants so I powdered them. The green beans look bedraggled after being weeded.

IMG_4280I’ve harvested broccoli several times and more is coming.  The peas are still yielding, they love all the moisture.

IMG_4281The garlic leaves have started turning brown, soon it will be time to pull them.

IMG_4282This years garden is half the size of last years. Volunteer dill weed and cosmos came up in what was part of last years garden. I’m hoping they attract swallow-tail butterflies.



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