Prairie Women Sewing Circle – Journey #3

Last winter I participated in the Prairie Women Sewing Circle, Journey 3 at Caroline’s Cotton Cottage in Rome City, Ind. There were a total of 7 projects we could make, I completed 3 of them. The bindings are finally finished and the projects are ready to be presented.

This is a little English paper pieced wall quilt.

IMG_4264Three Sisters Fabric did the quilting. Isn’t it beautiful, it is a variation of the Baptiste Fan design. I like way the design looks on the back of the quilt too.


I hand quilted the little flying geese wall quilt this summer.


I thought I had all the little thread picked off! One always sneaks in somewhere. Sorry, my clothes line sags. The quilting shows up better on the backside.


The third quilt is The Contrary Wife, how did it get that name? Appliquing the reels made for an enjoyable winter project. She was also quilted by the Three Sisters Fabric.

IMG_4260And a view of the quilting on the backside of the quilt.

IMG_4262Another back view, this time of a corner.


4 thoughts on “Prairie Women Sewing Circle – Journey #3

  1. They are all so beautiful. It makes me wish I had done the Prarie Women’s Circle. Is Caroline having it again this year? I especially like the first one. Are you going to finish the others? I wonder what they look like.

    • Yes, Caroline is planning on continuing with the Prairie Women Sewing Circle. They are going to do journey 4 this year. You need to get your name on the list now.
      I have the fabrics pulled for the other projects but I haven’t done any cutting or sewing. They will have to wait until late fall/winter when I have more time.

  2. I really like all of these-lots of vibrant color. I like how different The Contrary Wife pattern is from most of the quilts I think you’ve done. Curious where the name comes from too.

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