The Corn is Tasseling

It was two weeks ago today that the wind storm hit our farm and leveled the corn.


It is amazing how it has come back!



Look at the root of the corn, it is still bent. The stalks will never entirely be straight, but it is a lot better than it was. There is some down corn in the field that was damaged and won’t yield anything but it is unbelievable that the majority has recovered.

We were fortunate the storm hit when it did, the taller corn has started to tassel and the ears are developing.



Pollination wouldn’t have been possible on downed corn.

2 thoughts on “The Corn is Tasseling

  1. So glad most of it came back for you. My one son did de-tasseling one summer and it was hard work. Do you need your corn de-tasseled also?

    • De-tasseling is done to seed corn by the seed corn dealers. They are crossing 2 different strains of corn to produce the seed that we purchase.
      The corn we plant is used to feed our cattle so it doesn’t need to be de-tasseled.
      De-tasseling is very hard work. Your son is to be commended for sticking it out.

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