Unloading the Hay Wagons

We use a hay elevator to unload the hay wagons.


I place the bales on the chute. The chute has sides which straightens the bale and correctly places it on the chain. If it isn’t placed correctly, the chain comes off the track and that is a nuisance. (That is Taryn in the window)


The chain has teeth which catch the bale and pulls it up to the hay mow where the farmer stacks the hay.



This hay mow is full! It will be used to feed heifers this winter.

IMG_4418An inside view of the haymow.


3 thoughts on “Unloading the Hay Wagons

  1. That is cool! Taryn is a cow?? I never see the Farmer in your pictures. Is the hay done now or do you still have other fields?

    • Taryn is a yearling heifer. The next stage will be for her to be bred then calve in the spring. She then becomes a member of the milking herd.
      We make hay all summer long. We finished the 2nd cutting on the 17th of July and will start the 3rd cutting around the 2nd week of August if the weather permits. We’ve had a lot of hay get rained on this year so it isn’t the quality we want for the milk cows. We put the rained on hay in the heifer mows. We’ve made a LOT of heifer hay this summer. Hopefully August will be dry like it normally is and we will get plenty of cow hay.
      The farmer is camera shy, that is why you don’t see many pictures of him.

      • Thanks Gretchen! I hope to call and come by sometime for some eggs and a quick visit. I know how busy you are.

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