The August Garden

The early garden crops have been harvested and I have rough tilled the soil in that area. Field radishes have been sown to keep the weeds from taking over and will help loosen the soil for next year’s garden.

Field radish seed looks just like regular radish seed.

IMG_4488I plant the seed in my garden drill. The white round thingy is a “plate”. The planter has 6 plates for different size seeds. I can plant carrot seeds to seed corn. The farmer gave it to me for Christmas many years ago.

IMG_4489I make the rows approximately 6 inches apart. They don’t need to be exact.


The tomato plants are loaded, they just need to ripen!


I replanted the carrots in July. The first planting just didn’t come up.



One thought on “The August Garden

  1. Your tomatoes look great! And I never heard of a garden drill before. Our group is meeting at my house tomorrow at 10am. If you are able, I’d love to see you. If you come, bring some piecing or something you’ve been working on:)

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