Pumpkinvine BOM

The farmer was gone several days the first part of the month, which means, no hay baling! I had time to work on some BOM projects and completed the Pumpkinvine BOM top!


She’ll go to the machine quilter this month. I was worried about the fabrics I had selected but they pulled together nicely. I wanted something different and I got it.

I also pieced a small project in connection with the Maple Leaf Quilt Guild. In appreciation of the work the outgoing president has done on behalf of the guild, each member pieces a quilt block for her. They usually give some kind of guide lines; the size or color or, in this case, the actual pattern. I’ve finally got my block sewn and will turn it in at the next guild meeting.


The block is oversized but I’ll let her square it up.


7 thoughts on “Pumpkinvine BOM

  1. Love your blog, sharing your farming and quilts! However, Gretchen, I think the farmer is important enough to deserve a capital F, Farmer.
    Can’t wait to see you in November! How about posting a photo of you in that beautiful hat and coat? The world deserves to see what a pretty, classy lady you are! love ya,

    • You’re right, from now on I’ll call him The Farmer. In the summer I’m not very classy, usually just hot, sweaty & grubby. I can’t even think about putting on a winter coat now, I’ll wait until November for that.

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