Working in the Garden

Last week I did some very necessary weeding in the garden. I pulled all the foxtails from the potato patch and had 5 piles of weeds!


I dug the rest of the potatoes in the first row. We’ve had so much rain, they are muddy!


The ground was too wet to till, so I mudded in the radish seeds where the green beans and the first row of potatoes had been. The seed wasn’t planted very deep.


When the ground is not as wet, I’ll dig the last 2 rows of potatoes. Those dead looking brown things are the potato stalks.


When I planted my broccoli plants last spring, I found some plants that were labeled cauliflower. I don’t normally grow cauliflower but  since I had it, I’d grow it . . . but . . . is it cauliflower? Does cauliflower get sets on the side? This looks suspiciously like brussel sprouts!


And the top looks like this; so is it cauliflower or brussel sprouts?


This grasshopper doesn’t care what it is, it tastes good to him.




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