An Old Project Finished

Back in the ’80’s, my mother pieced and quilted a sampler quilt for her and dad’s bed. Mother died in December 2006. When my sisters and I were going through mom’s “stuff”, one of them found a basket with 10 pieced blocks and a bunch of fabric. I immediately recognized what they were from. Mother had pieced extra blocks for her sampler quilt, then chose the ones she liked best. She placed the extra blocks in the basket along with the fabric, probably intending to someday make something with them.

I decided to make something with those blocks, so I brought them home. I sewed 2 more blocks so there would be a dozen, then bagged everything up until I had more time. Several years later, I got out the bag and sewed the top together, then back it went into storage to wait its turn.

It’s turn came this spring. Last winter I saw a quilt that a friend had quilted using what I grew up calling “long stitching”, she called it “utility quilting”. Whatever you call it, that is the way I decided to quilt my project. I marked stencils over the blocks and quilted with black pearl cotton.

The binding is sewn on and it is a Finish! and ready to be shown.


And the back side.


The quilting is hand done except for the pineapple block. Mother had foundation pieced it using muslin as the foundation. I stitched in the ditch around that block, there was no way I was going to hand quilt the whole block! That block was machine quilted on my sewing machine.

Update on post, December 2014. This quilt was gifted to my sister and her husband in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary.


4 thoughts on “An Old Project Finished

  1. Gretchen, it turned out beautifully! Did you enjoy doing the big stitch? And I recognize some of those calicos — they’re in my stash. Can’t wait to see it in person!

    • It was nice to do a long stitch project, it did quilt faster. I also like your idea of quilting a design on the quilt block instead of stitching everything in the ditch. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

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