Three Inch Block Quilt Finished

In 2013, I participated in a 3″ finished block exchange. There were 6 of us ladies and we each made 6 sets of 6 different blocks for a total of 36 blocks. We exchanged twice for a total of 72 blocks. At the spring Dear Jane Retreat, I sewed the blocks I received together. I showed the top in this April post.

This top was on the list of projects to be hand quilt this summer, but it wasn’t getting quilted. I decided I was going to try to quilt this on my sewing machine and to stitch it  in the ditch, how hard could that be? So I started, using a straight stitch and quilted about 12″. I didn’t like how it looked, kind of blah, so out those stitches came. I have a friend who says to use a decorative stitch, so decided to try that. The black thread blends in with the black fabric so it doesn’t show very well, but turned out much prettier than a straight stitch.


We only had 1 rule for our exchange, it had to be 3 1/2″ so it would finish at 3″. Some of the blocks are hand embroidered, some are machine embroidered, some hand appliqued, some machine appliqued. And of course pieced blocks too. Here are close up photos of the blocks.







A view of the back of the quilt and a close up of the quilting.



Yes, some of the black thread shows on the back. The quilt police haven’t shown up yet!


Another project finished and she is hanging on my quilt ladder!

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