October Garden, Planting Garlic

The middle of September was cold, chilly, dreary, cloudy and rainy. It’s the gloomy weather that makes us fully appreciate the beautiful fall weather we are having now. We have had a week of sunny days without any rain so I was able to dig the potatoes and I’m ready to plant the garlic.

First you till your soil, then level it  with a garden rake. I’ve got row marker stretched on the right side so the row runs straight.


When I harvested my garlic last summer, I laid the heads out on a cloth in the garage to dry and left them there for a month. After they dried, I selected 20 of the largest heads and set them in a separate basket to use for planting this fall. You will need to separate the heads into single cloves. It is ok to leave on the paper, it won’t hinder planting.


Plant the garlic with the root end down. Push the clove into the soil at least an inch deep, 2 inches is better. Plant the cloves 4 or 5 inches apart in a wide row. Make a mark in the soil when the cloves run out. I guess I plant my rows too wide, they never go the length of the garden. With the back side of the garden rake, gentle rake the soil so the garlic cloves are covered. Then softly firm the soil.


I cover the garlic with 2″ – 3″ of sawdust. Make sure you cover the edges so the weeds don’t creep in. Try to level the sawdust evenly.


Ok, this is it, this is how you plant garlic. The garlic will start growing this fall and push up through the sawdust. Early next spring I will add more sawdust for mulch, then harvest in June or July.

The tomatoes are still producing, not a lot, but enough to eat.

IMG_4689And the carrots are ready to eat.


The field corn is starting to dry down. We won’t harvest it until it is completely brown.



2 thoughts on “October Garden, Planting Garlic

  1. The carrots look great! I started using the carrot leaves (pulled off the stem) for pesto. Blended with olive oil, garlic, parmesan and sunflower seeds, it’s good on crackers or mixed in a pasta salad with tomatoes. The garden looks good as always.

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