November Garden & the Maple Trees

There isn’t much happening in the garden this time of year. The garlic is sprouted up through the sawdust mulch.


The carrots taste delicious. I’ll wait until later in the month before I pull them to store for winter.


I didn’t get the tomatoes picked before the killing frost, such a waste. I won’t taste delicious tomatoes again until next summer. Those things they sell in the grocery store don’t taste like real tomatoes! I think they are colored baseballs.


The maple trees have been especially beautiful this year. We don’t always have the orangey/red color but this year we had color in an abundance.



Those are soybeans at the bottom of this picture. They are ready to be harvested.


Last spring my forsythia didn’t bloom, then I noticed this several weeks ago. Does forsythia often bloom in the fall? Maybe it does and I never noticed it before.


I took the pictures of the trees earlier in October. The leaves have steadily fallen from the trees and it snowed on Friday, October 31. I’m so not ready for winter!

One thought on “November Garden & the Maple Trees

  1. Can you believe that I just now got to see your blog?! The pictures are beautiful, and no, I have never seen Forsenthia bloom this time of the year:) lucky you!

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