Fussy Friday Progress

I’ve selected the fabric to be used for the diamonds in between the stars. This is a Fossil Fern design from Bernartex. Plain white fabric is too white and whatever it is they use to print the design on the white on white fabric often make it look dingy yellow.


I’ve cut the fabric into  2 1/2″ strips and used the diamond template to cut the diamonds.


I’ve got a stack of them, I didn’t count them; just cut and count later.


For the half hexagons, I cut the strips of fabric 4 1/4″ wide; again I’ve used the heavy plastic template for my ruler. These half hexagons will be on the top and bottom rows.


I purchased the stencils and papers for the English paper piecing from Paper Pieces.com. Using these tools make it much easier to piece these stars.

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