What Have I Been Working On?

I have a tub with many small projects that need to be quilted and I am determined to empty this tub before I start any new projects! Here are what I’ve completed so far.

Several years ago, I pieced some simple crib quilts to be donated as charity quilts. I’ve quilted them myself on my home sewing machine and used a clamshell stencil.



And the back.


This is the Christmas in July challenge from Pathways to Patchwork at Lolly’s in Shipshewana. It is made the same way as the crib quilts and has been waiting to be quilted since July 2013. I used a Baptiste fan design to quilt this project and added a flange binding.


And a view of the quilting from the back.


I’m no threat to the machine quilters in this area, but I’m learning. Maybe sometime I’ll try some stippling.

I pieced these 9 patch blocks years ago and finally sewed them together in a simple Irish chain design.


Did you notice I set the 9 patches in a log cabin design? This isn’t a very colorful top, I think I’ll wait to add the borders later. This will make a great quilt back with a scrappy quilt on top.

One of my great-nieces embroidered these blocks and asked me to sew them together. She chose beautiful fabrics and it turned out very cute. Her mother is going to add the outside border and finish it with hand quilting.


Ever year the members of the Maple Leaf Quilt Guild work together to make a quilt which we donate to the Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale. At the October meeting the kits for the 2016 quilt were handed out. I took 2 kits and sewed the blocks. The one block is not completed, they made a mistake in cutting the 2 1/2″ block. I’ll let the charity quilt committee decide if they want to fudge it or if they want to cut a new block and resew it.


My oldest granddaughter started embroidering these block several years ago, but she was very young and soon lost interest. I finished the embroidery and then put them away. Last winter I sewed them together and this fall I’ve quilted her using a “long stitch”.


I washed this crib quilt in cold water but I forgot to add a color grabber. That was a mistake, so I washed it again, this time with the color grabber.


Much better this time around. I’ve included the color grabber in the photo.

I quilted this crib quilt in a hoop. That is not my favorite way of hand quilting, but I thought I’d try it once. I had problems seeing the marks on the outside border, so I did free motion hand quilting. Not the greatest, but it worked.

There are still more projects in the tub to be quilted and you will see them when they are finished.

One thought on “What Have I Been Working On?

  1. I embroidered the same iron pattern for my daughters baby quilt 44 years ago. It is amazing how long Aunt Martha’s keeps a pattern in circulation. I have quite a collection of those patterns that I probably never use. I do enjoy pulling them out and picking one to work on. The patterns are easy to save because they don’t require much space to save. Then one day you realize that you have a shoe box full. It is one of those small things that you can indulge in when shopping with out feeling guilty. I am the same way with embroidery thread. I see a sale and I grab a hand full of greens or black because that is the most used colors. Or sometimes I see a odd lot bag of them and think what pretty colors for just a couple of dollars.

    Any ways your quilts are pretty. Thanks for sharing. I don’t usually confess to my bad habits.

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