The December Garden

Winter hit us sooner than normal with freezing temperatures and below zero wind chill. I didn’t complete cleaning up the garden. When we have several days of above freezing temperatures, I’ll attempt to remove the tomato cages and stakes. The carrots weren’t stored either. It is just hard for me to be enthused about the garden when it is so cold out.


The garlic is sleeping under the warm sawdust mulch.


The field radishes are wilting down and will be completely brown by spring. The roots will dehydrate and turn pithy.


The crop fields all look sad with their brown colors and the hayfield isn’t bright green anymore.


My farm chores are mostly morning and evening during the milking time. Winter isn’t my favorite season, but, I do get a lot of quilting time.

3 thoughts on “The December Garden

  1. We got a chance to clean up our garden yesterday afternoon–the toddler got a chance to run around in the back yard while I pulled up the stalks. I don’t have anything over-wintering this year. I just hope the rhubarb comes back up!

    Now it’s time to go back inside to sit under a quilt!

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