Opening the Driveway

On Sunday we received 14 – 16 inches of snow, at least that is what the national weather service said. I couldn’t tell, it was very windy and the visibility was poor. Church services were cancelled and people were supposed to stay off the roads. We had no one coming to the farm, so we just left the driveway alone and let the snow blow!

Monday was a different story. The milkman was coming and the milkhouse supply truck was due. They might be late, but the driveway has to be open, so the Farmer got out the snowblower. This works on the same principle as the little snowblowers you see in town blowing out sidewalks, except of course, with more power. Ours hooks up on the back of the 42/40 and you back into the snow. You can adjust the blower to the direction it blows. There are 2 augers in the back which spin the snow up into the blower. The Farmer blows the snow into the pasture field so it is out of the way.


He blew the snow out of the driveway down to the road which got the bulk of the snow out-of-the-way. IMG_5065Then he got out the skidloader to push the snow he couldn’t get with the blower. He just pushes piles in the yard and along the edge of the driveway.



We use sand in the free stalls. It also works to add traction on the driveway. He applies the sand with the skidloader bucket, spreading it on the drive.IMG_5075This snow isn’t icy yet but it isn’t funny to watch a milk truck slide down the hill which has happened before.

Ok, now the driveway is open. What about our sidewalk? Cleaning the sidewalk was the responsibility of our children when they lived at home, but they are all long gone. IMG_5068This is how you clear snow from a sidewalk farm style. You drive up to the steps, tip the bucket down and scrape backwards. He’ll do this twice and call her finished. This works great for us. The sidewalk is still covered with snow, but since we wear boots all the time, it works for us. I cleaned the steps off when I went out to the barn for the evening milking. Snow removal is finished until the next snow fall.


5 thoughts on “Opening the Driveway

  1. I didn’t realize y’all had so much snow there in Indiana – I just heard parts of Boston area (suburbs out a ways) had 55 inches total from 2 or 3 storms — here – hate to say it but not even a flake — it is very interesting how your husband takes care of the driveway – I grew up in the country near Lake Michigan and the driveway was long – neighbor rented a barn on our property and he had a plow attachment to his tractor he took care of it so he could get to his cows.

  2. You know, Mom, you could have let us clean the sidewalk with the skid loader when we were kids. That would have been easier. And more fun.

  3. having never lived in a snow area this was a very interesting tutorial on how you get from A to Z in the heavy snow falls. I loved the comment by Jeffery, sounds just like one my 2nd son would add. He must be a great guy. LOL I wonder how many times you have spilt the milk can???? I grew up on a dairy farm in NZ a far cry from your kind of milking. Glenda

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