Amaryllis Color!

Starting the 2nd week of December, I potted 2 or 3 Amaryllis bulbs a week until they were all planted. I need some color in the winter! I have 13 big bulbs (including one the Farmer gave me for Christmas) and a pot with some little bulbs that broke off the big bulbs. IMG_5078The first one is finally blooming! Isn’t she beautiful?

There are several other tall Amaryllis’ that will be opening soon. The the rest are short flower buds and a few are just starting to send up shoots. I don’t know what the colors will be until they bloom. I know I have at least 1 white bulb, several reds  and a couple of apple blossom bulbs. Each one is very pretty and I can’t pick a favorite color.

I hope I will have continuous flowers for several months this winter.

4 thoughts on “Amaryllis Color!

  1. I had some Amaryllis but several years ago I purchased quite a few Amaryllis bulbs at Lowe’s at an after Christmas sale when they were really marked down. I don’t know how many years I’ve had these bulbs.
    After the bulbs have finished blooming, I keep them going until the chance of frost has passed, then I plant them outside in my flower bed. I trim half the green leaves off so they aren’t so long. They are flimsy from being inside and the new leaves will be stronger and able to handle outside wind. I water them in good and then mulch them with straw. Water them once a week until the roots are established.
    I leave them outside until there is a forecast of frost in the fall. I pull them up, wash off the soil and place them in the garage on a cloth to dry down. I don’t cut the leaves off at this time. They normally rest there for 6 weeks or so. By this time the leaves have pretty well dried up. I clip them off and trim the roots and place them in a basket in the cellar until it is time to plant them again.
    This process have worked for me and I hope it works for you too.
    I’ve have been doing this for many years and it seems to work for me.

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