More Amaryllis Blooms

I’ve been gone a week to the warm sunny Tempe/Phoenix, Arizona area to visit our daughter and son-in-law. Now I’m back home to Arctic temperatures, wind chill factor, lake effect snow and white out conditions. In the next several posts, I will be sharing about my trip, but first I need to catch up here at home.

When I left on February 5th, several IMG_5149of the Amaryllis buds were close to opening. This is what welcomed me home. The white flowers are from the bulb the Farmer gave me for Christmas and the red one is actually a darker red than it shows. In real life it has a velvety appearance. The white flowers remind me of an Easter Lily.







The blooms on the red Amaryllis that was flowering before I left had wilted and the second bud was open. If you look in the center of the blooms, there is a 5th flower that will open in a few days.

Behind the Amaryllis is a happy blooming lavender geranium.



This flower pot was close to the

IMG_5155impatience in a flowerbed last summer. A seed fell in this pot and now there is a lonely impatience flower blooming.




While I was gone, the temperature rose to 40* one day. We have steel roofing on the house and when the temperature warms, all the snow comes sliding off in one big whoosh/thud. This snow is very icy and packs hard. It needs to be cleaned off immediately or it turns into solid ice when the temperature drops, which it has. These are the steps into our house. Fortunately there is a path on the left side to step up. We won’t get the ice off until the next thaw.



The next several posts will be about warm, sunny Tempe!


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