Lake Pleasant

One day we drove an hour to the mountains and did some hiking. This is what the desert actually looks like. See the saguaro cactus?




The trail wound around the mountains. First we saw this little creek.







And then we saw a lake! Can you believe it? A lake in the middle of the desert, pretty good size too.


I was too bushed to climb to the top of this mountain to see the whole lake. After we walked back to the parking lot, we drove to the marina. I didn’t take a picture of all the boats. I can see boats here at home.


IMG_5099While we were hiking we spotted this littleĀ Arizona poppy. This was the only one we saw in bloom. In several weeks the mountains will probably be filled with their beauty.




IMG_5105I also spotted this bush that had some flowers.







The highway we drove on most of the way had decorative design on the sides of the road right before we would go under an overpass. I wasn’t able to get the whole design in one picture especially while driving at 70 mph! This is the best I could do. Maybe the next time I’m there I can convince her to stop and let me take pictures.


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