The Jane Stickle Quilt, Row G

IMG_5176With the completion of row G, I have half of the blocks pieced for the center section of my Dear Jane quilt.




Row G is the very center row. I will be sewing the following rows onto G and then sew to the top half.


I’ve become rather boring in reporting on these rows but I’m still excited about Jane. I am actually piecing this challenging quilt!



Block G4 was ‘fun’ to piece. It is all foundation paper pieced. I remember my first foundation paper piecing project back in 2007; I have come a long way since then. I will never be nervous about foundation paper piecing again thanks to this quilt.





IMG_5179Block G7 was the last block I pieced for this row. I pushed it back because I thought it looked hard; diamonds and inset seams, oh my! But it wasn’t hard, I just paid attention and it went together fine.


Now, onto Row H!


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