The Jane Stickle Quilt, Row I

IMG_5197When I was prepping the blocks for row I, I noticed that some of the blocks had many, many pieces to them, so I counted the pieces in these blocks.

The first block doesn’t look that complicated. Just a sweet innocent block . . . but it actually has 44 pieces in it! I added it up several times to make sure, yes it is 44. The next 2 blocks both have 41 pieces.

I was rather overwhelmed. Next row I’ll wait to count the pieces after the block is pieced.

I decided to get it over with and pieced these 3 blocks first. The rest of the blocks seemed easy and went fast after these guys.




Here are all the blocks pieced,




And the whole row.


Wow, I’ve actually pieced 4 rows in 4 weeks! If I can do 4 more rows in 4 weeks, I’ll have the center finished by the first of May. Once the weather actually warms up, I’ll have yard and garden work, until then I’ll just keep on sewing.

4 thoughts on “The Jane Stickle Quilt, Row I

  1. A lot of us that made our Dear Jane quilts kept a journal as we went counting pieces as we go – you will have over 4,500 pieces in this quilt! I don’t remember off hand how many though and I made two of them LOL – talk about being nuts. I know on the cover of the book or the inside cover I mean there is a photo of Jane’s original and she wrote down how many pieces in hers.

  2. Wow Gretchen thats a lot of DJ little squares in such a short time, you really are on a roll and it looks lovely in the blue fabrics you are using. I’m working on my DJ but it is a long going project that I do in fits and starts. LOL. Cheers Glenda

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