Planting Garden


Monday I tilled my garden and planted the onion plants I picked up at a greenhouse. The variety I like to plant is called Candy. They are big, white and sweet. Delicious!

The little paper sack contains shallot sets. I’ve never grown them before but I decided to try them this year. I’ll let you know later what I think of them.

Last summer/fall I had seeded fall radishes in my garden. They winter-kill, the roots turned into pithy things the tiller could just chop up and the stalks and leaves just dried up into nothing. I had only planned to till soil for the onions but went ahead and did the whole garden. The soil just tilled so nicely. The radishes are wonderful for condition the ground. Everything tilled nicely until I got to the very east part where the tomatoes had been last summer. The Farmer pulled the cages after the tomatoes frosted and no radish seeds were planted there. It was harder ground and not as malleable as the other part.

IMG_5216On the left side of the picture is the garlic I planted last fall. It is maybe 3″ tall now but coming along well. To the right side are the teeny, tiny onion plants I just planted. You can’t see them, but they are there. When they grow larger, I will mulch them with sawdust and give the garlic another covering too.





My crocuses are finally blooming. Finally, flowers outside!







The rhubarb is up. We’ll be eating rhubarb custard dessert soon!! The Farmer is happy about that.





Last summer when the wind storm hit us, the top of one of the old maples on the east side of the house broke off. This tree has had a crack on one side for years,  but the crack was much deeper after the storm. For safety reasons we cut the tree down this winter. It isn’t completely down yet, this stump is what is left. Our tree guy needs to come back and finish the job.

It was hard to make the decision to cut her down. We don’t have air conditioning in our home and the trees make a huge impact on keeping our house cool in the summer. We will miss her and hopefully the south maple will be enough to keep us cool.

4 thoughts on “Planting Garden

  1. I hope you will stay cool enough without air conditioning now that one of your trees are gone. I don’t like air conditioning but with living in the upper south we need it mainly because of the humidity – the air just gets way too damp in the house without it. We need to have one tree cut down that hangs over the house – the storms in the recent years have gotten so bad we keep being afraid it will fall on the house and part of it shades the roof so much that we are getting moss growing on the roof and we have to keep going up on top of the house to clean it off – as we get older that gets harder to do – best to cut the tree down – I wonder what it will be like without it – we do have another in the yard and I think we will see that tree branching out more once this one is gone so maybe it will be a good thing.

  2. Good luck with the onions and shallots. I have grown them before and love having shallots. If you water well, they will be much bigger (most years mine are small and I feel chastened for being a bad gardener who doesn’t water enough! I think quilting and gardening go hand in hand, nice to see others who do as well!

  3. I’ve been meaning to comment on this post all week! These photos make me SO miss spring–the anticipation of all that’s to come in the yard and the fields and the weather.

    Also, the photo of the tree did make me a little sentimental. Those two old, massive trees always so perfectly framed the porch and did always keep it nice and cool. I’ll miss it. Thank you, tree, for doing such great work these last 100 or so years.

  4. Also, now we/you won’t be able to watch the squirrels jump from one tree to the other! Always some good, cheap entertainment.

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