Quilt Gardens Along the Heritage Trail

I left yesterday morning for a quilt retreat, my last retreat of the season. I’ve prepared some posts for you to read while I’m gone.

Several years ago, someone from the local tourism board got the bright idea to have “Quilt Gardens” along the Heritage Trail. This is a driving tour that is free of charge. You just drive and look at the flower gardens planted in quilt designs. Click on Quilt Gardens for the website and a free map of the tour. Click here for information on each of the quilt blocks from 2014.

IMG_4589I admit I’ve never visited most of the gardens. I’m just too local but last fall I did take some pictures of the gardens that I drive by in my comings and goings. All of the gardens have a descriptive marker that tells you the location and pattern of the garden. The first garden is in Wakarusa.





Quilt Garden in Wakarusa, Indiana.







They also have quilt signs hanging on buildings. A local Wakarusa woman designed this quilt.







The next stop is at the Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury. I took these pictures on my way to Shipshewana. Sorry about the  blurriness. I remember it was a very bright and sunny day.





IMG_4617I had to walk way into the yard to get a good picture. The best view would be from the motel rooms.



The next stop is at the Dutch Country Market on the Middlebury-Shipshewana Road. It has an official road number but I don’t know what it is. We’ve always called that road the Middlebury-Shipshewana Road.






And the quilt garden.



The last stop is at the Farmstead Inn along State Road 5 in Shipshe.








And the garden.



The last picture I’ll share is a barn quilt photo I took on the Goshen-Middlebury Road. I would love to have a barn quilt on one of our barns, but I just can’t get the Farmer interested in this idea.

I hope you enjoyed your partial tour of the Quilt Gardens Along the Heritage Trail.

I’ve planned all winter to post these pictures but didn’t get to it until now. Sorry.



2 thoughts on “Quilt Gardens Along the Heritage Trail

  1. I think the barn quilt for your own is a good idea!! maybe you could hire someone to do it if he won’t – or do it yourself using a big sheet of plywood and then have it screwed in place?

  2. Hi there, hope you have all ready left and having fun on your retreat. Enjoyed the quilt trail what a wonderful idea. I do love those barn quilts too. We don’t have barns like this in NZ or OZ as our cattle are out side all year round and what sheds that are built are open sided or metal not quite the same LOL. I like how the Wakarusa quill;ted finished off the round the world quilt a lovely border. Have fun Glenda

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