Laying Hens

Did I ever tell you guys I have laying hens? I love having my own eggs to use but the old chickens aren’t laying very well anymore. I thought I would get chicks and raise them but they wouldn’t lay eggs until maybe the end of August.

In this week’s  Farmer’s Exchange, there was an ad for pullets ready to start laying. That would save a lot of time, so the Farmer and I drove to the farm and checked them out. Or actually, I checked them out; the chickens are my project. They were clean and healthy so I bought 15 of them.

IMG_5209We brought them home and settled them into their new pen. They’ve adapted very well to the change of feed and the new surroundings. Their feathers are a little ruffled from the ride home in a wire cage in the back of the truck.

These are Isa Brown layers. They are a hybrid cross between Rhode Island Reds and White Leghorn and will lay brown eggs when fully mature.

In the back of the pen you can see part of the nesting box. They will hop up to the foot rail then step into the straw lined nest and lay their eggs. A chicken will lay 1 egg a day but not necessarily everyday.

5 thoughts on “Laying Hens

  1. I think that is so neat!! I would love to have some laying hens but hubby always reminds me how we love to take off for a month at a time with the RV and what then! Maybe sometime when we are done traveling and decide we will be at home all the time. I would be the one to care for them as he is not the slightest into animals.

  2. I have always thought about having chickens too. When the kids were home they wanted them, but I was afraid they would’ve take care of them. I don’t know anything about taking care of them. Maybe we can talk about that sometime:)

  3. I had never been a big egg eater before, but lately have loved putting soft-yoked eggs over English muffins or in a sandwich, which makes it all the more sad that I didn’t take advantage of all the good eggs when we were at still in Goshen!

  4. Hi Gretchen when I was a child we had dozens of chooks on the farm and when they would start to go off the lay my dad would put a bottle of beer in their water and they would start to lay again????? Not sure why though LOL. Cheers Glenda

  5. Just an update since I wrote this post a week ago; one of the ‘new’ chickens is laying an egg everyday in the nesting box and there are a couple others that are occasional layers so far but haven’t figured out to use the nesting boxes! They’ll catch on soon.

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