The Jane Stickle Quilt, Row L

IMG_5222Row L is now history. Do you see something different about some of these blocks? Well, if Jane would have had access to Karen Kay Buckley’s perfect circles, there would be some circles in this quilt, not all diamonds and triangles.

I’m just not able to applique those tiny little 1/4″ triangles so I decided to improvise and used circles. It just makes this project my own.

And of course, the row attached to the body.

IMG_5223Just one more row and I’ll have the center completed!


2 thoughts on “The Jane Stickle Quilt, Row L

  1. the first time I made Dear Jane I thought everything had to be the same as Jane’s original – the 2nd time I said to heck with it and changed things here and there to make it easier!

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