Red Radiance

IMG_5218Even though my Jane quilt is a high priority, I haven’t forgotten about Red Radiance. The embroidery is finished and the piecing is completed. I need to get her marked then into the quilting frame she goes.

I have several other hand projects I’m considering. I show you what I’m up to when I decide which one to work on.


7 thoughts on “Red Radiance

    • I think I’m going to do basic cross hatching around the embroidery. Stitch beside the embroidery and then stitch in the ditch beside the triangles.
      What do you think? I’m open to suggestions.

  1. Wow Gretchen for a women who knows how to handle a gun you sure know how to handle a sewing needle too. This is stunning. I did 3 years of red work years ago I made up one block a month and never made the blocks up, you are sure motivating me with this gorgeous piece of art. Cheers Glenda

    • I’m not sure how you got the impression I can handle a gun, I leave that up to my husband. I’m very pleased with how the wallhanging turned out. I just need to get it marked so I can start quilting her in the evenings. I’ve always wanted a redwork wallhanging but didn’t want to do a big quilt.
      Get to work! I hope to see your project on your blog soon. Blessings, Gretchen

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