Artist of the Month

I am the April Artist of the Month at Yoder Department Store in Shipshewana, Indiana. They ask local people to exhibit items they have made and you don’t have to necessarily be a quilter. There has been a display of heirloom sewn children’s clothing and another display was all embroidered items. Both were beautiful.

Of course my exhibit is quilts. Some of these quilts you have seen before, some were completed long before I started my blog.

I have a total of 12 quilts/wallhangings on display. Ten of these are above a row of fabric bolts, as you will see in the bottom of some of the photos.

IMG_5236This is Peppermint Twist and is a Jo Morton pattern.

Janice Nelson was working on this project at the first fall retreat I attended in 2007. I thought it was beautiful and bought the book while I was at the retreat. The Farmer isn’t real great at Christmas shopping so I bought pink and brown fabrics. Our daughter wrapped them and that is what he gave me for Christmas that year.

This is one of my first applique projects and I hand quilted this quilt.



Next on the list is this chicken quilt. A group of women from my guild went on a mission trip to Mongolia to teach sewing skills to a group of women. They made this pattern out of batik fabrics. I made a cash donation and received several raffle tickets in return. I did not win the quilt so I made my own. I don’t know the name or designer of this pattern.



This is Edyta Sitar’s Medallion pattern. I made her with smaller HST’s than what the pattern called for. The Three Sisters Fabric shop, New Paris, Ind., did the quilting.





Another Edyta Sitar pattern is Tree Farm. The addition of the outside border made this a twin sized quilt. The quilting was also by Three Sisters Fabrics.




I saw a picture of a Chevron quilt in a quilting magazine and decided to make my own version. This is a small wall quilt. I used a lot of my mother’s fabrics in this project. Hand quilted by me.







Next is Aunt Bea’s Parlor designed by Judy Reynolds and published by Black Cat Creations. These blocks were hand embroidered during the winter of 2012/13. I finished the piecing at the April retreat that spring. Hand quilted by me.





IMG_5234This is a crib quilt I pieced a couple of years ago and was long armed quilted by Sherryl Tobias, Nappanee, Ind last summer. I just started playing around with 2″ finished HST on my display wall and came up with this layout. I know I’ve shown this on the blog before.







This is a little Prairie Women Journey 3 Flying Geese project I did in 2014. Also hand quilted by me.







IMG_5235This is the 9-patch/hourglass pattern  from the old Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts book published by Oxmoor House in 1995. I remember I remarked on the post I made last year that the piecing was simple but certainly wasn’t quick! I used Kaffe Fassett fabrics and she just glows! She is king sized and was quilted by the Three Sisters Fabric.



In 2012 or 2013 I participated in a 3″ finished block exchange and received these blocks. Hand quilted by me. (Correction after original post, I quilted this on my domestic machine. Sorry)




Two of the quilts were displayed in the hallway between the shops. Years ago I had purchased a jelly roll of batiks because I thought it was pretty. It laid around for several years until I decided to do something with it. I had never made a rail fence quilt and decided that would be the perfect way to display the batik fabrics. I did buy another jelly roll to use. The blocks in the checkerboard border are leftovers from the rail fence strips. I didn’t have a pattern, she just evolved. This quilt is queen sized and was quilted by Sherryl Tobias.




This last quilt is my pride and joy. She took 8 years to complete because I didn’t work on her all the time, she was mainly a summer project. EPP is easy to pick up and put down.  She is completely hand pieced with 1″ hexagons and diamonds. Hand quilted by me .

I planned to hang her on the north wall in our living room, but she is too long.




I hope you enjoyed the quilt show.




9 thoughts on “Artist of the Month

  1. Dear sweet Gretchen, I was so sorry to miss seeing your quilts on display at Yoders. Now I got a tour by computer. Thank you so much. I know I’ve seen these quilts before, even made some of the 3 inch blocks, but I sure wish I could have seen them in person at Yoders on display. You are a true artist and your work is outstanding. Love your quilts and I love you!

  2. Gretchen, congratulations on being featured quilter at Yoder’s, what a honor. Will have to try and get over there soon to see them in person. You do great work! Mom would have loved to see all you quilts!

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