Jane Stickle Quilt, Row M

I did it!!! The center is completed!

IMG_5264Row M, the pieced blocks. I realize the blocks are not in the correct order. After I trim each block, I lightly press the small picture that printed out on the freezer paper along with the pattern, on the back of the block. When I remove the blocks from the display wall, I check each one and make sure they are in the correct order. If they do get mixed up when I sew them into the row, well, they’re sewn together and I’m not going to take them apart.

IMG_5268And the completed center , except I do need to add the narrow border. I’ll get it done sometime. I wrote the date I pieced each block in the Dear Jane book. Block A 1 was pieced November 21, 2014 and Block M 13 was pieced yesterday morning, April 27, 2015. I’m pleased with my progress so far.

I am going to take a break from Jane for the month of May. There are other quilting projects I would like to work on this month in my extra time. I’ll let you know when I decide to start piecing the border triangles.


11 thoughts on “Jane Stickle Quilt, Row M

  1. Gretchen it is so so beautiful. Just love it in blue and white. I have so enjoyed following the journey you went on with your DJ. You must be a very disciplined person to be able to accomplish all you do, in the house, on the farm, and in the artist area too. I’m the opposite I jump from project to project and now have endless WIP’s. Looking forward to see what you get up to in May LOL. Cheers Glenda

    • It’s not entirely finished. I need to make the triangles for the borders. Including the 4 corner triangles, that is 56 triangles and they are bigger than the 4 1/2″ blocks! But I can do it, I just need a short break.

  2. It looks fabulous – well done! I’m writing the date beside my DJ block patterns too – finished my first block January 2003 so I’m taking a VERY long time to make my centre block!

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