An Embroidery Project

I find hand work in the evening very relaxing. Until I get Red Radiance marked for quilting, I’ve have been working on a couple other projects.

IMG_5261I sewed these 1″ hexagons flowers. Sometime I’ll use them in a crib quilt.






IMG_5262I was at a local resale shop last fall and stumbled across this crib quilt to be embroidered. The large letter A had some royal blue embroidery but wasn’t completed. I didn’t like that color and easily removed it. I’m going to embroidery the alphabet with the pink and green embroidery floss.

You can’t see it very well but there is a quilting design with a sash and hearts. I plan to applique the sash and hearts with the fabric displayed, a pale green and pink floral.

I’m hoping the outside embroidery row washes out because I don’t like it, but I have come up with Plan B in case it doesn’t disappear. A pink border will be attached after the inside is completed.

These are small projects and can easily picked up and laid down anytime.

3 thoughts on “An Embroidery Project

  1. Oh gosh Gretchen you have all ready started some new projects. Looking forward to seeing the reconstruction on that lovely babies blanket. Great to see you also love making hexagons. Cheers Glenda

  2. Always busy and productive. You are a great inspiration to us all. I haven’t done any sewing this whole trip except making pillowcases with my grandchildren and making the blessing dress. I’m so excited to sew again when I get home on Monday. Miss you

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