The Fox

IMG_5274We often see various wildlife here on the farm. Over the years we have seen fox running through the hay fields searching for mice to snack on. This year we have a fox that we have seen many times in the heifer pasture on the south side of the house. I have decided that it has a den under our porch. I saw it running in the pasture last evening. He or she caught something and ran up to the house with it, scooted under the fence and under the porch it went.

IMG_5276Then he or she came back out and sat on the other side of the fence and just looked around.

I’ve never seen a fox this close before!!!



7 thoughts on “The Fox

  1. Beautiful creature! We have a fox den in the vacant lot across the street. They come through our yard early morning/late evening at times, especially when there are babies to feed, they are out morning, noon and night. Unfortunately, the lot has sold, and a new house will be built, with a pool and landscaping. I hope the fox have time to escape. I am happy to have them over here. We have a small point of land that already hosts raccoon and squirrels, but should have room for more.

  2. Oh she is so so pretty, believe it or not we have them here also, they were bought down to Australia about 100 years ago from England by the Hunt for the Fox and hound hunts!!!!!!! They are NOT popular down south as they will kill the young lambs at lambing time, up here they love the hens and are incredible agile when it comes to getting in to the hen houses. Now and then I will see one on the road around dawn. Such beautiful creatures. Cheers Glenda

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