Embroidered Crib Quilt

IMG_5271The embroidery has gone fast on this small project and is completed. I’ll work on the applique when I’m tired of quilting.

See those bunnies? I don’t like them and I’m going to applique hearts over them.

I worked in my garden last week. I’ve planted green beans, carrots and 1 row of early red potatoes. I’ll take a picture when everything is up.

An update on the fox. We watched the fox run around the pasture last week, then the heifers (who had been at the other end of the field) spotted him. They came running up to play but unfortunately the game they wanted to play was ‘Chase the Fox Around the Field’. He soon scooted under the fence and must have moved the kit(s) during the night because they are no longer under the porch.

They’re still around though, we’ve seen them several times playing in the cow pasture. There is one kit for sure. We hope they stay around, they are very interesting to watch.

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