Canning Season has Started

IMG_5293I cut all the rhubarb down and made rhubarb jam. I also googled rhubarb jam and found a recipe for rhubarb butter which is a similar  consistency to apple butter. I ended up with 12 pints of jam and butter.

After the evening milking, I had the Farmer do a taste test as to which recipe he liked the best. He chose the regular jam, probably because it was sweeter. He did say though, the rhubarb butter was more flavorful.

Both recipes will keep him happy, he loves his sweets.

3 thoughts on “Canning Season has Started

  1. I love, love love rhubarb! My mom makes the best rhubarb meringue dessert! I’ve been away for many years, so only get that if I go home at the right time of year. I have made jam and it is a nice substitute to get my fix!

  2. my rhubarb is still fairly new plants and although it is doing much better than in the previous two years I still do not have enough to use. I have only made one desert. I thought the plants would be bigger by now as they grow so good win the north I thought where I planted them – shade in the afternoon to protect from the high heat that they would do better than they are. We had such good rhubarb in the north (Wisconsin) but not many here in Arkansas have even heard of rhubarb so I know many do not grow it here, you never see it in the stores in the early spring.

  3. We have a plant cluster behind the house that was quite mature when I moved here 44 years ago and it is still about the same each year. Rhubarb custard pie is in the plan for later this week. I actually have to stay home the whole day in order to make it.

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