Salinda Rupp Quilt – Nearly Insane

The Jane Stickle quilt is the most challenging (to me anyway) quilt I’ve ever pieced. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I’m enjoying the foundation paper piecing. And since I’ve found Anina’s blog, That Quilt, the piecing has gone rather smoothly. I still have the triangles to piece but I’m hoping to complete the piecing of this quilt by the end of this year.

Even though my main focus for this year has been the Jane quilt, I’m still thinking about all the other quilts I want to make. I’ve been surprised by the number of quilters who complete their Jane, then start all over again with another one! Not me, I have too many quilts I want to make to start over on the same pattern again.

When my Jane is completed, I think it is the foundation paper piecing method I’ll miss. There is something I find satisfying in the process. I was thinking about other quilts that are foundation paper pieced and one of them is the Sallinda Rupp quilt, renamed Nearly Insane by Liz Lois.

These blocks are 6 inches finished so they are larger than Jane but they usually contain even more pieces. I was hoping I could find a blog that would help me with the piecing like the That Quilt site did with Jane, but all I could find was the Nearly Insane Fans blog. No one has posted there since October 14, 2014. They don’t give detailed instructions on how to piece the blocks, they just show pictures of their blocks.

IMG_5297So, the challenge is, can I figure out how to foundation paper piece these blocks on my own? Well, here is block 1. I’m fairly satisfied with the fabrics I’ve used, the two light blues in the center are similar, but I’m not dissatisfied enough to make another one. This block contains 37 pieces but went together fairly easily.

So, yes I am going to start a Nearly Insane Quilt in January 2016 using the blues and yellows I already have in my stash. My friend Elaine is going to piece along with me. It’s nice to have someone working on the same project at the same time so we can cheer each other on.


15 thoughts on “Salinda Rupp Quilt – Nearly Insane

  1. I do admire your discipline on getting the center of your Jane Stickle quilt done. I know you’ll get those triangles done this year.
    I know what you mean about missing the foundation paper pieced process. I get it! Glad you are filling the new Jane void with a little more insanity as in Nearly Insane. Looking forward to seeing that in January.

  2. I was going to make the Nearly Insane and the Just Plain Nuts quilts at one time but after making two Dear Janes I was done with that type of quilt -it wasn’t in me to make more – I tried the Farmers Wife Quilt and even that one was too much of the same – Good luck on your quilt – now that you are done with a Dear Jane you should be able to figure this one out

    • I never heard of Just Plain Nuts, had to google that one. I have several friends who have pieced Nearly Insane so I have back-up for my questions. I guess I’m in the mood for challenging quilts right now. I don’t know how long that will last.
      Taking the month of May off from Jane has been refreshing though. I’ve worked on several UFO’s and that has been a nice change.

  3. If I ever get my Jane done I thought about making a Nearly Insane too. I once saw Janis Nelson’s and thought about how beautiful it was.

  4. It’s lovely to look ahead and plan more quilts, isn’t it? Love your test block! I’ve decided that I will probably have ‘Dear Hannah’ as my follow up long-term quilting project once I’ve finished my Jane, but that might not be for quite a while!

  5. Oh my gosh Gretchen 37 pieces in that tiny block. I had to go back and really study the block to see the tiny yellow centre and then the tiny pieces of blue around it. I had missed those 5 pieces completely, Looks like you have your year of 2106 planed for blues and yellows!!! I know you will have fun when it comes around. Hugs Glenda

  6. Finished my DJ in 2007. Then I made the Nearly Insane and now I’m making the Farmer’s Wife one. Enjoying them all. One of the NI blocks has over 100 pieces in, but it’s really not bad to do! Have fun.

  7. Both are quilts I’ve seen completed, neither is a quilt I ever want to do. =) Your center blues have plenty of contrast. I like your first block. Good luck on the rest. Maybe your blog can be the one others come to for help in piecing the blocks!

  8. I found a site that tell show to do each block and put it in my favorites so I wouldn’t forget where it was. When it gets time to start I’ll get it sent to you. Elaine

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