Jane Stickle Quilt – Top Border Row

I had a week off from the Jane Stickle quilt. Now it is back to work!

I cut the alternate triangle blocks for the border rows and the top border row is now completed. I had to take a picture of each half of the border. It was too small when I tried to take a photo of the whole row.

Left –



Right –


Now I need to prep the blocks for the left border. It seems like it takes longer to prep than it does to piece the triangles.

I’m linking to Esther’s Wednesday Wow!

10 thoughts on “Jane Stickle Quilt – Top Border Row

  1. They are beautiful! They are making me want to make another one! Not right now though. Too many other projects to complete. Miss you.

    • On the right side of the blog is a list of topics. Click on the Jane Stickle quilt and you can go back and see the completed center. And yes, it is all the same blue. Blue is my favorite color and I’ve always wanted to make a 2 color quilt. This is it!

  2. Morning Gretchen, how stunning these tiny blocks look in blue and white, so crisp and fresh, it is going to be a beautiful DJ. I agree the prep work takes longer than the actual sewing of each tiny block but what a joy it is working on them. Cheers Glenda

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