Jane Stickle Quilt – Left Side Border


The triangles for the left side border on my Jane Stickle quilt are pieced. Ten out of the thirteen blocks have some kind of hand work so they took awhile to complete. I haven’t had time to stitch the row together but hopefully that will happen on tomorrow.

I’m really getting very tired of this project but I just won’t let myself stop. I want to get this quilt top sewn together so I can take a break from her for a month or so. The plan is to put her in the quilting frame the first part of September and start the hand quilting. I don’t know if I can have her completed in time for the Jane Stickle Quilt Retreat in April 2016. But I have to finish piecing her first!

I’m linking up to Esther’s WOW.

7 thoughts on “Jane Stickle Quilt – Left Side Border

  1. My gosh you are stemming through these tiny difficult wee DJ. It is much quicker and easier to make big 12 1/2inch blocks when piecing than these fiddly wee cute blocks. But ohhhh how lovely they are. I just hope that future generations know the time spent on this wonderful quilt to be. Cheers Glenda who admires your craft.

  2. Your blocks look fabulous! Hope that you meet your self set goals for finishing, but don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t – sometimes these projects just need the time that they need!

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