Little Quilting Projects

IMG_5041I originally planned to quilt my star quilt after I finished Red Radiance but I’ve changed my mind. I want to get Jane into the quilting frame the first part of September and I think the star quilt would take longer than July and August to quilt.


IMG_5388During last winter, IMG_5390I pieced several small quilts and I have put 2 of them in the quilting frame to quilt. They are both made from patterns I received when I participated in the Prairie Women Journey the winter of ’13-’14. They should quilt fairly fast.

IMG_5392I’ve also start prepping for the bottom border of Jane. The first two triangles in the row are pieced. I realized there should be a blue triangle instead of the white one in the 2nd triangle after I had the block pieced. My Jane quilt is going to be unique!

I don’t know how much sewing and quilting will be completed this week. It has stopped raining and the hay has been mowed. I need to work in the garden tomorrow and the flowerbeds need help too. Summer has finally arrived.

I’ve linked to Esther’s Wednesday WOW.

4 thoughts on “Little Quilting Projects

  1. Our weather is usually a day or two behind yours so we are still expecting rain tonight then it looks like 2 weeks of sun and our second cut hay will begin as well as the new seeding, so busy times coming in the farm.
    I am looking forward to seeing your blues jane quilt in the frame.

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