Jane is Pieced!

Here she is, my version of the Jane Stickle civil war quilt.


This isn’t the greatest of photos but it was the best I could do. I am not going to complain about having bright sunshine after all the dreary, rainy days we’ve had this summer!

I attached the borders on Saturday so Jane has been pieced in an 8 month time span. She is going to rest until sometime in August when she’ll be marked for quilting. The plan is to put her in the quilting frame and start the hand quilting in September. It will take as long as it takes.

I’m burnt out on sewing right now so I’ve started sorting through my project tubs. I’m weeding out quilt projects that I no longer want to make. It is interesting how the bright colors I like now are so different from the jewel tones I liked 10 – 15 years ago. Some of the fabric, along with a box of books, will be donated to the Relief Sale in September.

It feels good to have downsized and I hope I can hold firm in my resolution to only purchase fabric when I have a designated use for it.

I’ve linked to Esther’s Wednesday Wow! She’s weeding out her stash too. I’m also linked to Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Richard and Tanya QuiltsA Quilting Reader’s Garden, Simply Pieced, My Quilt Infatuation and Crazy Mom Quilts.

This is a LOT more links than I normally link to, but I want to whole world to know, Jane is pieced!

22 thoughts on “Jane is Pieced!

  1. What an incredible accomplishment! And in such a short period of time. No wonder you need a small break from sewing! Beautiful job.

  2. My,Oh My,Oh My !! I couldn’t imagine how it was all going to come together. A friend and I were talking about our mothers this AM. What would your Mom have to say about your workmanship and production ?

  3. That is amazing. I thought about making a Dear Jane a few years ago but I know I’d never keep up with it. Well done on your version

  4. My goodness Gretchen what a wonderful accomplishment in only 8 months????? It is so so lovely in blue and white congratulations of finishing it. It will look beautiful on your quilting frame. Now you can just sit back and think about the next challenge with no stress to start. Hugs Glenda.

  5. Oh, wow! you GO!!! 8 months for a Dear Jane, including triangles even, is really booking it! Love your blue and white rendition. I still have to quilt mine – poor girl has been waiting for quite a while. (I took 2 whole years to piece mine!)

  6. A wonderful finish! I could click twice for a close, close look, and it is terrific. Now is a good time to weed through stash, while you don’t really feel like sewing. Nothing will appeal to you as much. LOL Congratulations on your finish.

  7. Stunning! This is a remarkable pattern and looks to be expertly executed, which strangely enough appears to be full of life and energy rather than the other meaning of the word.

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