Quilting Jane, Row I

I hope my posts about quilting my Jane Stickle quilt aren’t getting too boring; quilting Jane is my main focus project. Row I is now completed and the yards of thread used is 313. As always, click on each picture to enlarge.

IMG_0043LST5 and block I1. I paperpieced the little triangle in the point of LST5. The 9-patches of I1 are stitched in the ditch and curvy square in the blue squares.

IMG_0042Blocks I2, I3 and I4. All 3 of these blocks are stitched in the ditch.


IMG_0041Blocks I5 and I6. Stitch in the ditch for I5, stitch in the ditch and a little outline ditch for I6. I did a different background design for a change.

IMG_0040Blocks I7, I8 and I9. Stitched in the ditch for all 3 of the blocks. Now block I7 is supposed to have 4 teeny-tiny triangles in the blue sashing but I left them off. This was before I had decided to start appliquing circles. I’ve made a note to remind myself, when the quilt is finished and out of the frame, to applique 4 teeny-tiny circles on this block. I’m not talented enough to applique them while the quilt is in the frame. I could try it, but I don’t think they’d look very nice.

IMG_0039Blocks I10, I11 and I12. Just added some quilted triangles to I10 along with stitch in the ditch. I11 is all stitched in the ditch while I added circles in the center of I12 along with stitching in the ditch.

IMG_0038Blocks I13 and RST9. More stitch in the ditch.


IMG_0047I’ve rolled enough times that I am able to move the bottom quilt stick and put the rest of the quilt in the frame. Now I’m quilting feathers again. When I started quilting Jane, it was fun and exciting to finally start and I enjoyed quilting the feathers on the outside border. Now the feathers are rather boring to quilt but they need to be finished before I can quilt anymore of the inside.

IMG_0055Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep? This happened to me the other night so I got up and finished pressing the 4-patch blocks I had sewn. There are more blocks than what show in the picture.

IMG_0056After they were pressed, IMG_0058I started laying them on my design wall. I want this to be a simple and quick quilt. I normally like quilts that are set on point the best, but I’m liking the straight set. What do you think? The blocks will finish at 8″ finished and there will be more colors than pink and green.

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24 thoughts on “Quilting Jane, Row I

  1. It is looking lovely and not boring reading about the hand quilting of every row and block. I did my I7 in reverse colours. I put mine back up on the design wall this week. This time I turned it a quarter turn clockwise to hang the way the original does in Bennington. it has a very different perspective and balance. I have to really think to find individual blocks since the block on the top left is now M13.

  2. Gretchen, I never tire of you showing your DJ quilting! And I agree with you, the 4 patches straight across with plain block is prettier.
    I forgot to ask, did you hand piece the DJ or do a mixture of applique, machine, and paper piecing?
    It is such a beautiful piece of work.

  3. Your hand quilted Dear Jane is a joy to behold!
    I agree with you re the 4 patch quilt – I think it looks more effective straight set. It’s going to be such a lovely cheery quilt 🙂

  4. Gretchen, Jane is looking so beautiful, keep at it! Feathers might be a bit boring for a while, but I find when that happens it’s just best to put it aside for a day or two and take up something else at a different pace instead. Your four-patches are so fresh and colourful, it must feel good to work on them too. Have a lovely week 🙂

  5. Hi Gretchen just popped in again and noticed my last comment is not here, I must have not presses summit???? I could never get bored with this beautiful DJ of yours there is so much to learn from your blog on DJ I’m not sure if I will ever finish mine but if I do it will be because of your detail photos and comments. Love the way you have laid out the 4 patches in the first photo they look like hanging gems this way they just sparkle. Yes I do get up in the night some times if I can not sleep it is a waste of time just ling there trying to go back to sleep some times. Hugs Glenda

  6. I love seeing your hand quilting progress on your beautiful Jane quilt. It always inspires me to make more progress on the Jane quilt I started quite a while ago. I also love the four patch quilt you are working on and Yes I work on my quilts when I can’t sleep too LOL.

    • My goal is to complete the quilting this winter so I can bring her along to the April retreat. So far I am on track for my completion date! I was having some problems with wrist pain a year ago so I’ve made some changes in my quilting method. So far the changes have helped and I have no pain!

  7. I’ve just been reading all about your Dear Jane journey, it’s so good to see how you tackle the quilting too – a part of the making process which is often left out, so thank you. I’m pondering about making a two colour DJ and wondered if you could remember how much of each fabric you needed?


    • I did not want to worry about not having enough fabric and I was told differing amounts of fabric to buy. So I just bought a bolt of the white and bolt of the blue. I have plenty of fabric. I do wish now that I had put the blue on the outside border instead of white. I keep my quilt covered when in the frame so the white is staying clean though.

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