Photograph Problems

Since I have completed the top feather border of my Jane quilt, the quilt is more than half quilted! I would love to show you a picture of my progress. Unfortunately, I am having a problem with the card in my camera, pictures won’t download onto my computer! My computer technician (son 2) is coming for a visit the middle of November. He said he thought he could solve the problem. Until then, my blog will be photoless (is that a word?).

So I guess I won’t be posting until the picture situation is resolved. I’ll keep on quilting Jane and working on other projects. You will get an update sometime in November, I hope!

Blessings to you all. Gretchen


8 thoughts on “Photograph Problems

  1. Darn, I will miss your progress. I use my iPhone sometimes to take a picture, then Beautiful dress and the review is great. I gave up sewing clothes when I hit 30! I just cannot bring myself to make clothes anymore since I started around age 14 and made all of my clothes until then.
    I do love my quilting though. I saw the previous Blog and liked that outfit too. You do excellent work, and provide great instructions. the picture through email to myself. (I use both Apple and PC computers) I use my PC (Windows) for quilting. Then I download the pictures and save to the computer to My Pictures and then I can upload into WordPress.

    Do you have a phone that takes pictures? This is a workaround where I can transfer pictures taken from an apple to a Windows based computer. Saves me time from having to go to the MacBook (Apple).

    Clear as mud? I also have a 15 year old Sony camera that uses a floppy disk – it really takes the best pictures and easy to upload into Photo Gallery in Windows,

  2. I have a old flip open cell phone. It does take pictures but nothing wonderful. I’ll leave the technology stuff to my son. Just think what a lovely long post I’ll make in November. I’ll have lots to show you!

  3. This week I’m working on row A of Jane. I took pictures of the top triangle row before I rolled. Hopefully my son can get this all straightened out. I’ve also finished appliquing the applique block for the Wilfred & Cloves project. She turned out beautiful and I can’t wait to show it to everyone!

  4. Oh Gretchen I have been there several times it is so so frustrating, at present all 4 cameras I own have stopped working and I’m down to using my mobile phone to take photos which is OK for snaps but I’m unable to take my nature photos as I need a good Zoom for those when they are up in the trees. Looking forward to seeing you photos again soon Cheers Glenda

  5. your quilts are beautiful! I followed your link here from your comment on jo’s blog about her mystery quilt, grand illusion. I did bonnie’s mystery last year (my second) and was very, very disappointed in how it turned out- it was all muddled and blurry… I too, will most likely donate my quilt. someone said to me that bonnie is not very good with colors… interesting…. this year’s quilt should be better, though. I like the mystery part of it, but i’ll be very disappointed (again) if it is a muddled mess! keep up the good work on y our quilts! they’re great!

    • Please don’t think I’m slamming Bonnie Hunter. Most of her quilts are wonderful patterns. I’ll admit I don’t like her choice of colors, but her colors make her happy and my colors make me happy. I just don’t want to spend the time working on a quilt that I end up disliking. I don’t have time to make all the quilts I want to make! Thanks for your kind comments.

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