Jane Is Quilted!

The quilting is completed and the final thread count is 730 yards. Here are the final quilted blocks from row H. Click on the photos to view the quilting details better.

IMG_0228Left side triangle 6 and Block H1. They’re both stitched in the ditch.


IMG_0227Blocks H2 and H3. Both are also stitched in the ditch. H2 I appliqued circles instead of the triangles.

IMG_0226Blocks H4, H5 and H6. H4 was stitched in the ditch then I quilted lines to emphasis the diamond shape. H5 was first stitched in the ditch, then I quilted overlapping half triangles inside the blue triangles. H6 was stitched int he ditch. Maybe I should have followed the circle around in the white corner squares. I can always add it later if I want, but I doubt I will.

IMG_0225Blocks H7, H8 and H9. H7 and 8 are both stitched in the ditch. H9 is also stitched in ditch, then I quilted straight lines in the blue corners.

IMG_0224Blocks H10, H11 and H12. All three of these blocks are stitched in the ditch. H10 I added a curve in the white rectangles and in H11 I echo quilted 1 line in the blue shape.

IMG_0223Blocks H13 and right side triangle 8. Both are stitched in the ditch. H13 I quilted overlapping lines in the blue triangles. RS triangle 8 I quilted a line to emphasis the curve in the bottom and stitched a quarter-inch inside the larger blue heart.

IMG_0229A view of Jane laying on the bed. She’s not completely finished though. A quilt is not completely finished until the binding is sewn and the label attached. For some reason, I don’t enjoy the binding part and normally let the quilt lay around for a while. Not this time, I’m going to get this quilt completed!

I didn’t want to have to worry about running out of blue fabric while piecing Jane, so I bought a whole bolt of the blue. There is plenty of fabric left so someday, there will be another blue and white quilt.

IMG_0238I’ve appliqued another block for the Pastor’s Attic quilt. This is the 2nd block I made from this design and is to replace the 2nd one that was supposed to have all the feather fingers sticking out. No way was I going to applique another one like that again!

By Christmas Day, the children who were able to come home had come and gone. It was a quiet, peaceful day here, a wonderful day for sewing. I decided to do some fun sewing, no quilting or appliquing.

IMG_0242I had made flannel pillowcases for the grands but we wanted some too. The table runner was pieced several years ago but never quilted, so I finished that project.

IMG_0243Have you ever bought a jellyroll just because it was on sale? Several years ago, a friend and I were at Lolly’s Fabrics and they had jellyrolls marked way down on the chopping block. Of course we both bought a roll, they were on sale after all. She sewed hers up and made a really cute quilt for a grandson a year ago. After I sewed the pillowcases and table runner, I got out my jelly roll and started sewing a Zippy-Strippy quilt. The center body of the quilt was sewn by bedtime.

She has an Accu Go-cutter and using her dies, I had cut out 12 snowflakes using shimmer fabric earlier this fall. They were ironed on Saturday morning and machine appliqued throughout the day. By 9:15 PM Saturday evening, the snowflakes were all attached. I looked through all of my dark blue batik fabrics but none of them were the correct fabric for an outside border. That is on my list for the Pumpkinvine Inspiration club, Monday January 4th.

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33 thoughts on “Jane Is Quilted!

  1. Your Jane is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It is a wow quilt and I love it. You can sure be proud of that great accomplishment. Your table runner and zippy strippy turned out great too. You are amazing with all you get done. Can’t wait to see you Monday.

  2. congratulations on finishing the quilting on jane!!
    If you hurry you can get that binding done by thurs midnight
    and be way ahead of schedule 🙂
    It really is beautiful.

  3. so neat to see, bet you are glad to have this project behind you though – although when I finished my first one I missed it and started a second – I did eventually finish it but part way through wished I hadn’t started another

  4. So beautiful and striking! Did you ‘reverse’ applique the Baltimore block? Sometimes back basting makes it easier. I only use that technique on larger block patterns. When I first started appliqueing I knew nothing about the needle turn applique. I made 9 blocks using/learning from Elly Sienkiewicz’s book – WHAT A CHALLENGE! But it did get me started. I still have the blocks and would not put them in a quilt – EVER – just keep them to see how much I have progressed since I started quilting in 2001! Have a Happy New Year and may we all have a great year.

  5. Yay! Jane is beautiful. I love the Zippy-Strippy quilt also. It is so pretty with those snowflakes. Isn’t it wonderful to complete projects that have been hanging around? Your table runner is very pretty.

  6. Your Dear Jane is just amazing, and a beautiful finish! I enjoyed seeing your other projects as well. I’ve been thinking about making pillow cases, too. Can you suggest a good tutorial?

  7. A fabulous Jane, Gretchen! Love it. It is so stunning in just blue and white. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone. BTW: You won the 1″ hexagon paper pieces. Send me your snail mail and I’ll send them along.

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