Spring Flowers; Some Wild, Some Tame

Dutchman’s Breeches



I think these are called Jack in the Pulpit, but I don’t know for sure.

IMG_4035And some creeping myrtle.

IMG_4033These are the “tame flowers”. I bought some violas and planted some in a planter. I see them every time I come in the house.

IMG_4031I’m not a flower expert, I just enjoy looking at them and I think they are pretty.

Springtime Blossoms

My spring flowers are starting to bloom. They are a welcome sight after a long, snowy winter.

IMG_4003IMG_4000Do you see something else starting to grow? The maple trees were loaded with seeds last fall, which means I will be pulling the sprouts this spring.

Here is an update on the aloe vera plant.


Aloe Vera Update

The stem of the flower bud on the aloe vera plant is growing taller and the bud is becoming larger. I have no idea how long before it blooms.


Look at This!

My sister-in-law has an aloe vera plant that she received from my mother. Several years ago, I noticed that her plant was BLOOMING!!!! I didn’t know they bloomed. She told me that it had also bloomed the year before! She gave me a rooting from her plant and I have been watching it closely ever since.

I always set my houseplants outside in the spring. I intended to repot my aloe vera when I put it outside last spring, but I didn’t get it done. I planned to repot it last fall before I brought it in for the winter, but I didn’t get it done.

It has spent this winter in the too small pot and I need to dig out the little plants started from the root.

IMG_3962Maybe neglect is what it takes because look at this!!!

IMG_3963Yes, that is a flower bud. I have no idea how long it will take to open. I will keep you updated.

The Last Blooms of the Amaryllis

My Amaryllis have bloomed every day this month! It is so nice to see some color. The bud I showed last week turned out to be a beautiful red. Both of the flower stalks are blooming at the same time.

IMG_3960This salmon colored Amaryllis is blooming for the second time.

IMG_3961When it is warm enough, I’ll plant them outside in a flowerbed until fall. Last summer the white Amaryllis did flower! That has never happened before. We’ll see what she does this summer.

They’re still blooming.

My Amaryllis are still blooming.


Part of the pleasure is the anticipation of what the blooms will look like. This bud is just starting to open. What will the color be?


Obviously she’s going to be red, but what shade of red? Deep dark red, bright red red or salmon red? I just have to wait and see.

I never know which one is my favorite. I like them all, my favorite one is which ever one is blooming now.

More Blooms in Winter

Most of the Amaryllis are blooming now, some for the second time. All of them are beautiful!

The flower stalkss are both blooming at the same time on this beauty.


This white one is very elegant.


This small plant didn’t get very tall. I don’t know if she is a miniature Amaryllis or if she was just in a hurry to bloom since she was the last bulb planted.  The stripes on the inside of her flowers are a beautiful touch.


A Splash of Color

It is great to have some color in winter. My amaryllis bulbs should be blooming all through March and into April. Hopefully the snow will be gone by then!

Salmon Colored Amaryllis

Salmon Colored Amaryllis

Another view of amaryllis.
Another view of the amaryllis.