Two Finishes!

February is a short month anyway but with me being gone a week to Tempe and then 4 days to a quilt retreat, it didn’t leave a lot of time for concentrating on Dear Jane blocks so I worked on other projects.

IMG_5163I sewed the bindings on these two wallhangings. The pink/brown is the original Buck A Block project and I made the blue/brown one with my own fabrics. Tammy Payette, Three Sisters Fabric, quilted them both with a stippling design. I don’t need 2 wall quilts of the same design so IMG_5162 the pink and brown one will be donated to the Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale in September.









I enjoy watching Love of Quilting on our local PBS channel. Several years ago Jo Morton was on and she demonstrated her way of making HST blocks out of 5″ charm blocks. You will get 8 blocks from 2 charm blocks, what a great idea! So two years ago at the guild retreat, I sewed a pack of charm blocks up into 2″ HST which will finish at 1-1/2″. However, they do need to be trimmed so I started trimming them. Ugh! I got tired of that fast and put them away. I’ve had them on a table in my cutting room ever since. I finally finished trimming them! I have a project in mind that needs over 2000 1-1/2″ finished HST. So far I have around 300 of them, I might reduce the size of that project.

IMG_5027This table has needed to be cleaned off for a long time! I’m working on reducing the ‘stuff’ on this card table starting with the basket in back. (The HST triangles I made by Jo Morton’s method were buried in here too)

When I finish sewing a project, I put leftover yardage away, but all smaller pieces are put into the basket until is full; well, actually it is full, running over and spilling onto the table. I cut these scraps into strips or blocks. The 1-1/2″ strips will be used for little 3″ finished 9-patch blocks.

IMG_5169The table is cleaned off and organized. I’ve cut up the fabrics in the basket and they have been placed in the correct box according to size. Since I’m only working on 2 projects this winter, this should stay neat and tidy. I’ve also decided that I am going to organize leftover fabrics after I finish each project and not accumulate them in the basket. Guess I don’t need that basket anymore then.

IMG_5170I admit I am getting tired of just 2 projects so it was nice to have a break at the guild retreat. After I finished organizing the cutting room, I got out an old project. I think I might have sewn these blocks 8 – 10 years ago, I really don’t remember how long it was. Anyway, the rows are finally sewn (diagonally) together. I do have 10 more blocks with the light color and will add them at a later time. That will make the corners kind of wonky but I think I can make it work. I still had the fabric with it for the inset triangles. I’m excited about this project. It is definitely going along to the next retreat.

Now it is time to get back on  the Dear Jane blocks but I’m going to have to increase production to two rows a month. There are a group of applique addicts in my guild. They often select the same pattern to applique but put their own individuality to it. They showed me what pattern they are considering next, Sweet Surrender by Dragonfly Studio. I thought I might join in since they won’t be starting until January 2016, but I need to get Jane pieced first!


Buck A Block

For the past year I’ve been participating in Buck a Block at Caroline’s Cotton Cottage in Rome City, Ind. (She wants and needs to get a new website!) The blocks are made using Thangles and this was the 10th year Thangles has sponsored the program.

I’ve sewn the borders on the Buck A Block project.


She has turned out pretty cute.

Block of the Month Projects

I’ve sewn the October Country Threads BOM. This was more challenging than I thought it was going to be. I had it completed, then looked at the pattern again. It was pieced incorrectly! It isn’t symmetrical and that is how I had sewn it. So, out came the seam ripper and apart came the block. The size is 18″ finished.


In September we received the layout for the 2nd section of the quilt.


I thought there was too much gold, but it looked fine when I laid the first section beside it. I don’t know which way I like better, with the first section on top?


Or with the second section on the top? What do you think?


I’ll decide when the 3rd section is completed which way to sew them together. This project is 3/4th completed!

The October Buck-A-Blocks are also completed.


When I started this project back in January, we were given a black and white paper copy of the finished quilt. It seems like this project is taking a long time, so I got out the paper copy and figured the design of the last two blocks. Here are the November blocks . . .


And the December blocks.


The brown and blue blocks contain the extra blocks left over from the other 11 blocks. Scrappy make it more unique.

I’ve sewn the pink and brown blocks together. I won’t get the finishing kit until December so this is as far as I can go with this quilt for now.


I haven’t decided on the fabric for the border for the brown and blue quilt.


I have more of the blue fabric that is in this block,


But I’m not sure if that is what I want to use. I think it might be too dark. At least the center is finished!

Buck A Block

There was a lot of catch-up work to do on the Buck A Block project. First I sewed the alternate blocks for the blue and brown quilt.


The basket blocks for June . . .



July . . .


And August.


What a great feeling to be completely caught up on the BOM projects!

Block of the Month Catch Up

We had some rainy days, so I worked on BOM projects to get caught up for June.

First is the Buck A Block. I took it apart one evening, so it was ready to be resewn. Six of the baskets have a brown square at the top. One basket is going to have to be set into the brown setting triangles. I don’t like it that way, but sometimes that’s the way it goes. Anyway, here is what I’ve completed so far. I’m halfway done!

IMG_4237Then I sewed the last 2 blocks for the Pumpkinvine BOM. I had selected the fabrics I want to use earlier so I could quickly cut them out and sew them.

IMG_4235I have the 12 blocks arranged on the floor. The next rainy day, I’ll cut the sashing fabric for the center.

Just the Country Thread block was left, or I should really say blocks: four blocks, one 16″ and three 8″. I sewed the 16″ block. (It has 4 neutral colored filler blocks on the one side.) I cut the pieces for the three 8″ blocks and sewed them the next day.

IMG_4236I really like these stars. Wouldn’t a quilt with several of the large stars look beautiful? Maybe someday.

Buck A Block

These are the alternate blocks and setting triangles for the Buck A Block project.

IMG_4144I’ve sewn part of the blocks together. When I have June’s block completed, I’ll be half-finished with this project.

IMG_4145I think I’ll take this apart and redo it. I don’t like the brown squares running into the setting triangles. If I don’t rework this project, I just won’t be satisfied. I’ll show you the difference when I’ve completed the change.

Dear Jane Quilt Retreat

I’m home from the spring Dear Jane quilt retreat which was held at the Farmstead Inn in Shipshewana, Ind. Wow! So much inspiration, so many ideas, so much sewing, so little sleeping!

I got a lot accomplished. The first project completed were my Buck-a-Block blocks.


I don’t know if these look like baskets or not.

The next project was a “Zippy Strippy Quilt”. Sometimes they are called jelly roll quilts but around here they are Zippy Strippies! They are supposed to work up fast and it did. I sewed the center in 3 hours but then it took me another 3 – 4 hours to sew on the borders. I never thought it would take that long.



Next on the list were the split 9 patch blocks for the Perkioman Mountain quilt. I still have some more to sew, then I’ll update the lay-out.


After all this sewing, I was ready for a break so I did some shopping. At the retreat I am considered a “local”. We locals are used to having the many numerous quilt shops in the area, so we don’t spend the 4 days of the retreat constantly fabric shopping.  However, I did buy some fabric.

This is the fabric from Spector’s dry goods store. Not a lot of fabric, just a few pieces to add some interest to some scrappy quilts.

IMG_3977And this is what I purchased from A Little Bit of Lolly’s (they don’t have their own web site, so the click will take you to Lolly’s web site).

IMG_3978 I purchased the blue because I thought it was pretty and I like blue fabrics. The other pieces are to be fussy cut for fussy cut stars.

After the shopping I started sewing again. I worked on a kit I had purchased back in 2009. I don’t have a picture because the borders didn’t get completed. I always cut fabric into the required pieces at home so I can start sewing immediately at retreats and not tie up the cutting table. Unfortunately I forgot to put the leftover fabric into my bag so I didn’t have the necessary fabric for the corners of the border. I’ll try to finish it this week and show it to you. I also sewed some table runners and I’ll get pictures of them too.

I had a wonderful time at the retreat and I’ll go again in November, but it is so nice to be home again.

Buck A Block

This is a picture of my Buck A Block projects for March. They will all be trimmed when all the blocks are completed.


The half/square/triangles are made using thangles for accuracy.